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Motion Pro S

Motion Pro S

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Shape: Round

Balance: Low

Control: High

Power: Medium

Sweetspot: Large

Carbon fiber: 3K Carbon

Core: EVA13Black

Weight: 340-355g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jens Carlsson

Motion Pro S

CG Sänne
Otroligt skönt rack

Bra fart och fin stabilitet, och också förlåtande. Helt komplett för mig

Mycket skönt rack!

Kanon rack, lättspelat och lätt i vikt så man känner sig snabb på banan!!!

Jan Karlqvist
Lätt spelat rack jaaa

Köpte racket till min fru hon gillade det lättspelat sa hon. Tänkte jag får prova det . Kan bara hålla med lättsvingat o snabbt i duellerna på volley. Stor sweetspot lätt och få klockrena träffar . 😀mvh Jan

More information

The Motion series is developed for players who want to move over their entire half of the field and be safe in all positions. Motion Pro S, the softer racket in the Motion series. The racquet is intended for players who prefer to place harder balls and nuts from the baseline rather than slam everything that comes their way. Simply a rack for players who hate to miss.

A padel rack that makes it easy to set the difficult balls.

One of the items players are asking for today is a lightweight rack with a lower balance. Motion Pro therefore has exactly that configuration. With a weight of around 350 grams and a balance of around 250 mm, the racket feels easily swung and flexible, which means that you can better maintain the same level throughout the match without tiring your arm.

Motion Holes
Motion Pro has extra holes compared to standard, a total of 70 holes. They have also chosen to distribute the holes evenly over the surface so that you get as large a sweet spot as possible. The holes soften the surface and leaving parts of the racket without holes will lead to different sensations depending on where the ball hits. A lot of holes also have other advantages, the holes with their sharp edges provide good help in the spin. A lot of holes also means a reduction in weight, which made it possible to reinforce with extra material in exposed places.

Long Grip
This padel rack has a longer grip, which has proven to be in demand among many players today, partly for those who like a double-grip backhand and partly for those who simply like the feeling of a longer shaft. The length including frame protection is, however, within the scope of what is allowed at competitions.

Changeable Cord
Now you can easily change the wristband without having to remove the knob. Here you can easily choose your own design or switch between Vidar's different bands. In this way, you never have to play with a broken or worn one

In addition to the extra spin you get via the hole formation, this padel rack comes with structure in the surface. The lines that run diagonally across the surface of the racket together with the holes provide all the spin you could want.

Motion Pro comes with a 3K surface and a softer core with some trampoline effect.