The Vantage series is an offensive series for players who like to finish balls. For players who like to go online,

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The Motion series is developed for players who want to move over the entire pitch and be safe in all positions.

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Explore bags and accessories at Vidar, where we're constantly working to create awesome new products - click here to explore now!

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Carpie x Vidar

Vi är stolta över att introducera Carpie till vårt sortiment – ett exklusivt klädmärke som är skapat för kvinnliga padelentusiaster.

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Vidar - Our Vision

We strive to reduce the incidence of elbow and shoulder injuries related to padel, while increasing the quality of your game.

Before 2023, our competent team has developed a completely new collection of padel racks, with a special focus on lower weight and balance, without limiting the selection of different cores. This collection not only suits technically skilled players but is also ideal for those suffering from tennis elbow

VIDAR - Performance On Court

About us
  • Simon Yitbarek

    Swedish talent, Södertälje

  • Baharak Soleimani

    Swedish national team player, Västerås.

  • Daniel Appelgren

    Swedish national team player, Stockholm.

  • Jerome Peeters

    Jérôme Peeters

    Belgium's national team-one, Belgium.

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