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Elite Air Barre edt.

Elite Air Barre edt.

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Shape: Oversized Drop

Balance: Between

Control: Between

Power: High

Sweetspot: Large

Carbon fiber: 3K Textreme-Rough surface

Core: EVA30 medium hard

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Elite Air from Vidar Of Båstad is an oversize drop/diamond racket developed together with one of Sweden's most successful padel Barre players, Bahark Soleymani.

The shape of the Elite Air is a mix between drop and diamond, this together with the racket's hard surface and EVA30 core creates a racket with speed. Despite a slightly more aggressive design, the racket has properties that make it easier to play, among other things thanks to its slightly lower balance and weight. The lower weight and balance make the racket very flexible, especially in the volleyball game, when you are quickly in place.

The large hole formation contributes to a larger sweetspot, this also balances the slightly aggressive properties of the racket. This makes the Elite Air a very suitable rack to seduce the broad masses, and above all players who are looking for a fast and flexible rack with a lot of power.